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Air compressors are handy and helpful for many different types of jobs and are used in a variety of industries. Common uses are to insert air into tires and inflatable items, to power tools and many more. They are widely used throughout the construction and building industries as they can power tools and other equipment. Some types of air compressors include electric, battery powered, foot and hand pumps, industrial, reciprocating, screw, portable, rotary, gas and oilless air compressors. Each have their own intended use for a variety of applications that can help us with air related tasks.

An electric air compressor is a device that use electricity for power and pressurize air before it releases it in its new high energy form state. They are most commonly made out of cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel which make them heavy duty and secure. Components include an air tank, motor, tubes and a variety of valves and attachments. The two main types of electric air compressors are positive displacement and dynamic compressors. Selection is based on what the intensions that the air compressor will be used for. Nail guns, staplers and spray guns are common tools that use an electric air compressor in order to do its job. These compressors can work non stop for long periods of time because the motor keeps creating more air pressure. Many tanks have release valves that can be used when too much air pressure is taking place inside of a tank. If there is too much pressure it can potentially become dangerous. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers have a safety rating scale for air compressors and some states in the United States only allow the ASME approved electric air compressors to be rented of sold.