Industrial Air Compressors

Industrial air compressors provide an efficient form of energy for various manufacturing processes and pneumatic power systems. For instance, industrial air compressors can provide the necessary amount of air to keep air purification systems flowing, pump air lock systems full, keep blast forges blazing and fuel temperature control systems with the necessary energy and air quality to keep an environment comfortable.

Industrial air compressors simplify clean-up projects with air hoses and other cleaning systems and provide the air fueled energy for various tools, machinery, and manufacturing processes. Construction companies use industrial air compressors to power air tools such as jackhammers, jacklegs, needle scalers, tuggers/winches, air chisels, chipping hammers and rock drills.

All of these power driven tools are possible because of the mechanics of air compressors. The basic mechanisms of the tool involve the opening of a valve within a compressor, which draws in air molecules and condenses them. When the valve is released again the molecules rush to reach their full girth again, which causes a surge of power that can be utilized by other mechanisms.

industrial air compressor
Industrial Air Compressors – Central Air Compressor

More and more of these compressors are becoming oilless, so that the air power provided is as clean as possible. Without a lubricant tainting the air, the food and medical industries in particular can operate their compressors with clean and efficient results.

By storing and compressing the air, industrial air compressors convert mechanical energy into pneumatic energy. Some industrial air compressors can even be driven by natural gas, which greatly reduces cost and energy consumption. The process of condensing and storing molecules causes them to move around faster in the smaller space, so opening the valve removes the external pressure and causes the air to flow out quickly and consistently.

Because of this, compressed air is a great source of energy. The most common type is the reciprocating compressor, which uses either very little or very high horsepower. Screw compressors are becoming more widely utilized for industrial purposes due to their ability to provide a strong, continuous stream of air over a long period of time. Compressors hold up well because they are crafted from quality metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and cast iron.

Industrial Air Compressors Industrial air compressors are mechanical devices used to compress air for industrial purposes. Air compressors function by pulling in air from the atmosphere and decreasing its volume while simultaneously increasing its pressure. The compressed air is then stored either in a holding tank or released into a pressure system, ready for work.

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