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Many applications which utilize high-powered engines will utilize some form of intercooler or aftercooler. These useful devices are great for controlling the temperature and regulating safe levels. Many products can be customized for a particular project to offer the highest amount of efficiency. Read More…

Intercoolers and Aftercoolers Intercoolers and aftercoolers are devices used for a variety of compressors to remove waste heat. Typically this mechanical device utilizes a multi-stage process and can come in different configurations such as air-to-air or air-to-liquid. Some processes will even used a forced induction process which forces more air into the device.
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An employee-owned company, Brehob Corporation`s offers you complete air compressor solutions and provides a full line of additional equipment including dryers and accessories.

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We offer a product calculator on our website to assist you in finding the exact compressor that will best suit your needs. Our 12 volt air compressor cannot be topped by the competition! We were established over 15 years ago and we want to put those years of experience to work for you! Visit our website today or get in touch with our customer service department to find out more about what we can do for you!

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Since 1854, Curtis-Toledo Inc has been designing & manufacturing air compressor solutions for industry. We offer air compressor equipment such as screw compressors, portable air compressors, industrial air compressors & reciprocating compressors. We are ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004 certified & our products are the symbol of quality & excellence. Rely on us for solutions that fit your needs.

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As a distributor of air compressors, Central offers a wide variety of equipment from brands such as Champion, Powerex, Sullivan-Palatek and CompAir. Products include rotary van compressors, portable compressors, stationary piston type and scroll type units. Central`s trained support team is eager to assist you, whether it is through its 24 hour emergency operation or during regular business hours.

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The intercooler component is typically designed to eliminate heat that is produced between the different stages of the compressor whereas the aftercooler is for removing heat after the compression process is finished. Since intercoolers and aftercoolers are ideal in air compressor applications many manufacturers offer these products for a wide range of air compressors.

There are many types of compressor types such as centrifugal compressors, 12 volt air compressors, axial compressors, double acting compressors, free piston compressors, gas air compressors, lobe compressors, liquid ring compressors, portable air compressors, reciprocating compressors, swash plate compressors and much more.

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